Battles of the REVOLUTION


Monday: Declaration of Independence Annotation and Walk-around Notes

Tuesday: Revolutionary Battles (page 15-17)

Wednesday: Revolutionary Battles (page 15-17)

Thursday: Review Pages (pages 18-19)

Friday: America The Story Of Us Revolution (page 20)

Useful Links

Current Event DUE WEDNESDAY OCT 25th

CNN Student News

Class YouTube


Declare Independence!!!


Monday: Beginnings of Revolution part 1(textbook pages 78-81) packet page 9

Tuesday: Beginnings of the Revolution part 2 (textbook pages 83-85) packet page 11

Wednesday: Common Sense (additional resources) packet page 12

Thursday: Open Note Quiz (use pages 9 and 11)

Friday:Declaration of Independence Annotation packet page 13

Useful Links

Current Event DUE WEDNESDAY OCT 25th

CNN Student News

Class YouTube


Native People and Columbus Day


Monday: No School

Tuesday: Chapter 2 Review for Test (you may use a 3X5 note-card)

Wednesday: Conflict in the Colonies Test

Thursday: Make up day/Menu

Test reflections (Test Questions)

Current Event (Newsela) DUE OCT 25th Make sure to print and annotate AS WELL AS answer the questions

Work on Blue Packet DUE YESTERDAY

Makeup Quizzes/Tests

Friday: American Revolution Packet Creation and Vocab using Textbook

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Almost to the Revolution!!


Monday: Conflict in the Colonies Flip Book Notes (Stamp and Townshend Acts) [page 15]

Tuesday: Conflict in the Colonies Flip Book Notes (Boston Massacre, Tea Party, and Intolerable Acts) [Page 15]

Wednesday: Conflict in the Colonies Text Notes [Pages 16]

Thursday: Boston Massacre HSI Introduction [Pages 17-19]

Friday: Boston Massacre HSI Investigation [Pages 17-19]

NOTE: CJSF Applications due date: ASAP

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Fifth Week of School!


Monday: Conflict in the Colonies Packet Creation and Vocab (Page 9)

Tuesday: Movie Posters (Pages 10-12)

Wednesday: Finish Movie Posters (Pages 10-12)

Thursday: French and Indian War Notes (Page 13)

Friday: Start Conflict in the Colonies Notes (pages 14-16)

NOTE: Mixed Bags fundraiser goes until September 21st (Thursday!)

Also, CJSF is meeting in room 214 at lunch on Thursday. (Applications due date TBA)

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It's Raining!!

Monday: Continue Work on Middle Colonies (pages 16-18)

Tuesday: Venn Diagram Study Guide (page 20)

Wednesday: Colonies Test

Thursday: Current Event Newsela Set up

Friday: George Washington Annotation

NOTE: Mixed Bags fundraiser goes until September 21st (next Thursday!)


Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Monday: No School, Labor Day!

Tuesday: Nightmare in Jamestown Notes (page 19)

Wednesday: New England Colony Textbook Notes (page 13) using pages 42-47 in your HOLT textbook

Thursday: New England Economy and Education Notes (page 14) and billboard interactions (page 15) using pages 47 and 48 in your HOLT textbook

Friday: Middle Colonies (pages 16-18) using pages 9-51 in your HOLT textbook. We will finish on Monday

NOTE: Sports Physicals are Wednesday from 5:45-7pm


First Full Week Of School

First full week of school!!! Yeah!

Monday: Current Events Introduction using ETC Portal and NewsELA (Directions on how to join NewsELA)

Tuesday: Colonization INB creation and VOCAB (page 6)

Wednesday: Colony of Virginia Walk Around Notes (pages 8 and 9)

Thursday: BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT Southern Colonies Notes and Interactions (pages 10 and 11)

Friday: Mayflower Compact activity (page 12)

NOTE: Remember Back To School Night is THIS Thursday at 6PM!!


Welcome Back To School!!!!

I am so excited for the new school year and to get to know all of you! This website is going to be your main resource for what we are doing in class, additional copies of INBs or class resources, and a comprehensive list of ALL VOCAB FOR THE YEAR! If You can't find what you're looking for on the Home screen, try scrolling down to resources at the bottom. Good Luck!

Monday: No School!

Tuesday: No School!

Wednesday: First Day of School! Make sure to get your Syllabus signed by Friday (Simplified Version)

Thursday: Name Plates (Finish at home)

Friday: What you know Geography QUIZ. Syllabus Due.