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US History Vocab Ring Words
An alphabetical list of all of our US history vocabulary words
Current Event Sites
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Google Classroom Link
Our Link to Our Online Classroom
YouTube Page
A list of channels and movie resources for our class
A Divided Nation
LIGHT PURPLE Eleventh INB Chapter 14
The North and South
NEON PINK Tenth INB Chapter 11-13
Age Of Jackson
NEON GREEN Ninth INB Chapter 9 and 10
A New National Identity
ORANGE Eighth INB Chapter 7 and 8
Launching The Nation
DARK BLUE Seventh INB Chapter 6
Forming a Government AND the Constitution
YELLOW and pink Sixth INB Chapters 4 and 5
Valley Forge Document Based Questions and Essay
RED Fifth INB Document Based Question and Benchmark Essay
LIGHT GREEN Fourth INB Chapter 3
BLUE Third INB Chapter 2.4-2.5
Early Colonization of the Americas
GREEN Second INB Chapter 2.1-2.3
Exploration INB
PURPLE First INB Chapter 1